Bey Rock Restaurant

Beyrock originates from Beirut, the largest city and capital of Lebanon which is an exquisite potpourri of cultures and cuisines. The Ottoman and French influence in Beirut is so unique that it draws cuisine connoisseurs from all around the globe and the capital city, with its luxurious eateries and art novena cafes, is a haven for food lovers! Enjoy a slice of Beirut right here in Dubai at the Beyrock Restaurant and Café.

Sale! Labneh-Zaatar

Labneh & Zaatar

14.00 د.إ 10.00 د.إ
Sale! Akkawi-Zaatar

Akkawi & Zaatar

12.00 د.إ 8.00 د.إ
Sale! Akkawi-Cheese

Akkawi Cheese

13.00 د.إ 9.00 د.إ
Sale! Zaatar


8.00 د.إ 6.00 د.إ
Sale! Labneh-Fatira

Labneh Fatira

15.00 د.إ 10.00 د.إ
Sale! Labmeh-Bil-El-Ajin

Lahmeh Bil El Ajin

14.00 د.إ 10.00 د.إ
Sale! Kafta-with-Cheese

Kafta with Cheese

18.00 د.إ 13.00 د.إ
Sale! Cheese-Combo

Cheese Combo

18.00 د.إ 13.00 د.إ

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